Common fastener military product specification available from our extensive inventory for all military and government DOD sectors specializing in Navy and Marine fastener fulfillment.



  • Flat hex socket cap screws
  • Hex head cap screws
  • Socket set screws
  • Socket head cap screws
  • slotted set screws
  • slotted hex socket head screws
  • socket shoulder screws

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  • socket shoulder bolts
  • carriage bolts
  • square head machine bolts
  • hex head machine bolts
  • round head bolts

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  • hex cap nuts
  • hex/heavy nuts
  • self-locking nuts
  • jam nuts
  • slotted nuts

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  • lock washers
  • round washers
  • Light washers
  • Square washers
  • Heavy washers
  • hi collar washers

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  • nut end studs
  • stud end studs
  • continuous thread studs

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Fasteners to blueprint specs

Standard ferrous to exotic alloy materials

We can provide non-standard fastener specials

Come to the experts for engineering advice.

  • Special head style
  • Special thread size
  • Unique material application

Fasteners to blueprint specsFasteners to blueprint specs

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